Monday, November 28, 2011

Why this Kolaveri di-World Reaction

Most of the persons in India, Murmuring this song and News channel like NDTV and others are giving more hype to this song. While writing this post, this song has 8,190,423 views in Youtube. Across the world, this songs spread like a Virus.

The lyrics in Kolaveri Song has no meaning, but music and vocal is different. Its really amazing in short period of time this song got more popularity. 
Facebook  users reacts differently by posting the following images

Starts from Left, famous Music composer "Maestro" Ilayaraja, he is still popular for his music and second left his son, Yuvan shankar raja, he is also good and he is also giving hit songs. On Extreme right, that composer name Harris Jayaraj, Most of the persons in Tamil Nadu used his song as a mobile ringtone in the year 2009 or 2010. I am not sure about year. Second right, the man who no needs introduction, First person from India who won two Oscar award named as AR. Rahman. But the Guy in Center smashed all the music composer and reached the top on the over of time. He is not composer, but his vocal reached all over the world.

USA President watching this song and laughing. Its not true, its hypothetical image and purely photo shop work done by some x person.

Believe it or Not while finishing this post this song has 8,741,024 views.
Anyway its nice to hear and I am going to watch this song again....

Why this Kolaveri, Kolaveri, Kolaveri di........

Free Website Creation

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Got Tata Wimax Connection

On September I vacated my room from Arumbakkam, Currently I am staying in Sholinganallur. Arumbakkam is in Chennai and Sholinganallur is outer Chennai. Last two months I was struggling to get internet connection in my new room. Unfortunately there is no feasibility from the leading broadband providers such as Airtel, BSNl etc. So I finally choose wimax connection from Tata Indicom.

I applied net connection on 23rd Nov 2011; its amount is bit more compared to broadband. Believe Tata will provide good service and if they do so, I will continue with them, else in my same blog I will write their service and comments about their service.

And finally I hope, I will get work from Mike (Brother), yes I call him as brother. He is client to me and good person too, but I will call him as brother.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

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