Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patio Dining Sets

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Google Approved Adsense

On 08-03-2011 I posted a topic named google-killing-me, I don't know whether google read my post or read my questions in the Adsense forum. They approved Adsense for my blog.
I was very happy while seeing the approval mail from google and so delighted.
Placed Ads in my blog and waiting for user to click my ads.
So only I can earn money.
Ha Ha Ha.

Can anybody tell me when the payment get released from google and how much you are earning through Adsense per month.It will be helpful to me as well the reader who passing this blog.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bye Bye Bangla

Bangladesh vs. South Africa very hectic match in Group B.
Most of the English players are watching this crucial match because if Bangladesh wins the match against South Africa England has to move away from this 2011 world cup.
Thank god it not happened and there is no such easy match for Group A guys.
Today match is crucial because of the worst performance by England players against Bangladesh Team. Bangladesh tried their level best and made England under pressure.

South Africa won the toss and they decided to bat first. They showed their stunning performance and they scored 284-8.
Bangladesh under pressure and they need to score 285 in 300 balls. Bangladesh played their 1st three over’s without any loss. They loss their 1st wicket Tamim Iqbal in the fourth over and Tsotsobe picked his 1st wicket of this match.

Bangladesh players liked to play in their dressing room, they went to pavilion as soon as they reached their crease. Bangladesh innings comes to an end their 28th over. Peterson claimed last wicked of this match and South Africa leads in the point table in Group B category.

Bangladesh Team thanks for your participation in this 2011 world cup and thanks for the good entertainment.

Catch the bus and go safely to home.
Bye Bye.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do or Die

England as well as for West Indies today matches going to be a Do or Die match. Both teams have to play well for their presence in 2011 world cup. If West Indies win the world cup it will be a easy entry for quarter final.

Both teams have strong batting and bowling line up. Pollard is the key men in West Indies side, for the last couple of match Sulieman Benn performs well.

Captain Strauss, Trautt, Bell and Ravi Bhopara make England team as strong batting line but they are lagging in bowling side. England left 1351 runs for last 5 matches and they are in the second place who left more runs in this world cup so far and first place goes to Canada they left1370 runs.

At the time of posting England loses their 6 wickets for 171 runs in 36 overs.
Waiting for result with finger crossed.

Umpire De Silva Eliminated from crucial matches

Srilankan Veteran Asoka de Silva has been moved to the fourth Umpire for Ireland vs Netherland and on-field umpire for the Zimbabwe vs Kenya.

In 2011 world cup new process introduced the bowling team or batting team can claim the umpire decision. The success rate of Asoka De Silva is less than 50%.So the authorities decided to move Asoka de Silva to fourth umpire and he is no more allowed to stand as an on-field umpire for crucial world cup matches.

One of the poor judgments given by Asoka de Silva was Gary Wilson LBW against West Indies. It paid easy victory for the West Indians.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Entertainment Movie

             I and one of my friend planned to go a film.Both of them don't have sufficient money, we had around 150 rupees, 80 rupees for cinema ticket and 70 rupees for other expenses. Actually the film time was around 10:00 am, but we reached there by 10:30 am. Ticket counter was closed.
Sorry guys you are travelling along with me without knowing the film name, the film name is Sura. Don’t get angry we both want entertainment so went to that film. We thought we will not get seat for the film but ilaiya thalapathi rocks over there.
 There was nearly 15 members along with operator.Thalapathi rocked in that film as we expected and we started to laugh in the introduction song itself. We thought to see the full film unfortunately we not able to see the film more than 30 mins. Ya I can hear your voice 30 mins is more for that guy. We left the theatre very sadly and said together no more vijay films.

Monday, March 14, 2011

O'Brien Bat Lost and found

Can you imagine?
Six bats of Neil O’Brien have been stolen by someone.
O’Brien lodged a complaint in Cubbon Park police station.

In complaints he stated that the cost of the six bats was around 2500 pound which means in Indian Rupees it’s nearly about 1 lacs 45 thousands, but the police official said the bat was not stolen by others it may missed during transportation.

On 10th Mar 2011 Barry Chambers Ireland's media manager said missed bat was found and it will reach the batsman ASAP.

Luckily the lost bats was found.
Thank god Indians as well as BCCI name remains safe.

Poor Perfomance by Indians

On 12th March 2011 South Africa won the match against India in 2011 World Cup match.
Its really great disappointment, Sachin and Sehwag Started well they talked to South African bowlers with their bat. Sehwag scored half century and remains the leading scorer in 2011 world cup match. After Sehwag was dismissed Gambhir and Sachin pair rocked the match. Sachin scored his 48th One day century and he got dismissed when India was 267.

Indians fans expect India will score more than 350 runs, but dreams come to an end. All the players scored very low runs they failed to score even 300 runs in that one day match.

Mr.Dhoni failed to shine in that match. He rotated his strike to bowlers and bowlers easily got dismissal by South African players. Dale Steyn took 5 wickets and he controlled the Indian runs less than 300.

Indian Players not only failed in Batting they also failed in Fielding performance. Anyhow India managed South Africans upto 49th over. Ashish Nehra bowled last over of the match. Actually don’t know what’s gone on in pieterson mind he spoke through his bat to Nehra and showed the victory path to South Africans.

Best match turns to worst….

Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you think India is a poor country????

We know the answer is big Nooooooo
We are top in human resources and India is a good place for Investment, but why other country seeing as a third world country.
Most of them are saying because of the ugly politicians our growth rate reduced.

I can list out few points
1) Politicians are not good
2) Not following rules
3) Blaming each other
4) Ready to pay more money to complete our work easily.

First place goes to none other than our great politicians. They are good for nothing.
They conduct rally for purpose less matters they won’t open their mouth for valuable things.
Example: kasab must be hanged but what we are doing we are giving good meals + security.
He never enjoyed this before in his life time. Whether politicians opened their mouth for this issue. No. Instead of that we are paying our money to save kasab.

Okay so many things there to point out ugly politics in India.

Let me come to public are we good citizens?
I never say I’m good but not bad. Because of human resource in India most of the investors concentrate our country. Without us nothing is possible.
We are not considering our country and we lead our country to bad path by not paying our tax, leaving our rights for money (By selling our vote for money) much more.

Its all lead our country to poor country.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Google killing me

Applied adsense for this blog, but it got rejected for more than 5 times.I posted my query in adsense forum there is no reply for that and my thumb goes down for google adsense.

The error was pointed out by google is excessive keywords used in your blog and the website falls under cybersquatting.
You can check the page source there is only one keyword which I am using in my blog.
Don't know why its saying like this.

Today I searched about the mistake which was pointed out by google. Deleted the copyrights images in my blog. Currently there is no image in my blog and again I submitted my blog for adsense approval. Waiting for google reply with finger crossed.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Networking field has less opportunity

I don't know Why Networking field has less opportunity.

One of my friend very good in networking and his aim is to work in networking field, but he not get job in that domain. He quits his software engineer job and started to search for networking job in India. The answer he got is big Nooooooo. I won’t say there are no openings for network field in India, but I can say the number of openings for network field is pretty less compared to the following languages such as java, c, c++, Database (SQL, PLSQL)

God Damn he is very good in above mentioned languages but his interest is to work as network engineer and want to become Certified Ethical Hacker. Days rolled out no job so he again changed his mind and currently he is looking for programmer job.

I believe that guy will rock in any domain. He has stuff and dedicated towards his job.

My dear friend definitely you will achieve your dream life.

All the best my friend and advance wishes tooooooooo....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still good hearted persons living in chennai

I don't know about this world and so far I never went outside India so nothing is there to comment. Today I met one great man for some personal reason. He asked me to wait for some time frankly speaking I felt sad at that time after few minutes he said sorry for the mistake he done. You already know I'm good heart person so I accepted his apologizes. No no bad words.

Actually I met him for my favor. We started to talk for more than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes he started to say the ups and down's of his life. Mostly the story traveled only in down's.. It's really long story to narrate here so I skipped. He told his future plan his aim is to build orphanage in 15 acres with his own money and he don't want to ask money to anyone. He is looking for more than 40 to 50 crore to achieve the success.

Really he spent his more pocket money for education purpose to needy children.
Nothing he expect and his motto only to serve poor children.

Hidden personality serving for poor and needy people.
Hats off to great man........

Friday, March 4, 2011

SocialCast 2/28/11

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Social-cast provides tutorial for beginners by providing materials and conducting classes through web cast and videos.It comes with ssl even James bond can’t break the information in this website .It’s highly secured and it provides 24x7 support through out the year.

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