Saturday, December 31, 2011

The man who killed che guevara

Many persons want the world has to remember their name by doing good to the society and they really work hard for that. We can list out many names in this list., for example Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela who choose non-violence and made the world to remember their name.

Person like Che guevera, Fidel Castro, LTTE Leader Prabhakaran choose non-violence and they worked hard for their people. Here violence or non-violence is not at all a matter, working for society is matter. They served for their society and their names are remembered by their peoples. But few peoples made the world to remember their name by killing the famous leaders.

Mario Teran no one in the world know his name before he killed Che-Guevara, Yes, Mario Teran-Bolivian Soldier shot che guevara nine times and he killed him.

Some of the famous quotes by che guevara
1)  I don't care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting.
2) I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man.
3) Silence is argument carried out by other means.
4) The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Qualcomm Stadium renamed as Snapdragon Stadium for 11 days

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Snapdragon by Qualcomm for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The word “Change” plays important role in everyone’s life, not only in human’s life. It also played a major role in Qualcomm Stadium. Here you go for detailed information; Qualcomm Stadium renamed as Snapdragon Stadium for about 11 days during this holiday season.
 Mr. Dan Novak, a company spokesman said big Qualcomm signage in and around the parking lot on the stadium will be replaced with the new signage. As he said the signage board around the stadium replaced with new brand name.
 Snapdragon Stadium featured football events between Chargers and Baltimore on December 18 along with the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 21, and the classic Holiday Bowl on Dec. 28.
As per George Belch, chairperson of the marketing department at San Diego State University, Sunday night football game is one of the highest rated programs during any given week of the NFL season.
Mr. Dan Novak took this wonderful opportunity and created Snapdragon processors awareness among the public. With the help of Sunday night football game they have clearly explained their visions and goals to the public.
 Snapdragon processors by Qualcomm are the digital brains inside mobile devices made inside mobile devices made and this processor designed for mobile applications are used by leading mobile manufacturers which include Samsung, LG, HTC and Nokia. They incredibly focus on Smartphones and tablets.
Snapdragon Stadium was the fourth name for the stadium, which opened in 1967 as San Diego Stadium and became Jack Murphy Stadium in 1980, in honor of the former San Diego Union sports columnist.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pimp My Cube Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

            Good working environment makes people to work comfortable and concentrate on their work, but messy cubicle makes others so irritate. Sometimes it makes others to laugh also. Let me tell you how, some worst chair may make sounds like fart. It makes others to laugh, but it makes the person who sits in the chair discomfort. If you ever came or come across like this, take a video or upload the video in contestfactory website.
             Worst and Messy cubicle or Office not only makes people so pathetic and disturb their work environment, but it's giving wonderful opportunity to take a part in ‘PIMP’ cubicle contest. Requirement is simple; all you need is best (worst) cubicle or office video and log on to Pimp My Cube Contest website and upload your video. Randomly chosen registered user is eligible for $200 gift card.
             After uploading your video, do not sit idly ask your friends and family members to rate the video and give comments about video. Grand prize will be selected in a random drawing between all eligible entries received. This contest has a grand prize value of $1200. This contest ends on 31/Dec/2011.
Before uploading the videos make sure its funny and after uploading inform this to friends and family members to rate and give comments. To get more clarifications please check the below video

Maybe you are also a lucky winner, so do not miss this chance...

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Norton Security for your Small Business

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Norton Small Business by Symantec for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most of them running small business with the help of techies and that techies charge more for their work. The primary work of the techies is to safeguard the system against virus and other malicious stuff. According to my experience some techies have vast experience and they are worth for more $$$ and rest of them are worth for few cents, but the rest of the persons charge more amount from us. To get rid off from this issue, I will suggest you Norton Antivirus Software.
This Antivirus reduces man power and monitors the machines like a dog. Let me list out few points of Norton Antivirus
1.    It will not slow down your PC’s.
2.    Protect your machine from malware and suspicious software. And also it helps to access web very securely.
3.    Provide fast protection and automatically back up your files to your hard disk.
Apart from the above points there are few more pluses are there. Want to know more positive points, then order this product today. get 30% off Norton Small Business Products now by ordering today.
Those who have already used Norton Small Business by Symantec  can also give a try to their latest releases Norton 360 and the Norton Internet Security 2012.
kindly share your views and do let me know which products suit for your needs.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Why this Kolaveri di-World Reaction

Most of the persons in India, Murmuring this song and News channel like NDTV and others are giving more hype to this song. While writing this post, this song has 8,190,423 views in Youtube. Across the world, this songs spread like a Virus.

The lyrics in Kolaveri Song has no meaning, but music and vocal is different. Its really amazing in short period of time this song got more popularity. 
Facebook  users reacts differently by posting the following images

Starts from Left, famous Music composer "Maestro" Ilayaraja, he is still popular for his music and second left his son, Yuvan shankar raja, he is also good and he is also giving hit songs. On Extreme right, that composer name Harris Jayaraj, Most of the persons in Tamil Nadu used his song as a mobile ringtone in the year 2009 or 2010. I am not sure about year. Second right, the man who no needs introduction, First person from India who won two Oscar award named as AR. Rahman. But the Guy in Center smashed all the music composer and reached the top on the over of time. He is not composer, but his vocal reached all over the world.

USA President watching this song and laughing. Its not true, its hypothetical image and purely photo shop work done by some x person.

Believe it or Not while finishing this post this song has 8,741,024 views.
Anyway its nice to hear and I am going to watch this song again....

Why this Kolaveri, Kolaveri, Kolaveri di........

Free Website Creation

Are you interested in creating a free website?
Are you a kind of person who don't wanna spend few bucks for domain name registration and hosting?

I am going to share this information with you to create a free website. Yes you can get free website in your name, but not .com domain its .tk

One of my friend shared this information to me and I am sharing this information to all of you. If some one don't know about this, make use of it.

Google using the following keyword "Free .tk domain name", you will get the website name. Just follow the simple steps and get your free website in your name.

If you are belongs to India, you can get free website, Google has tied up with hostgator and announced this plan. For one year you no need to pay any single penny for website creation, after one year, if you are satisfied with their services you can continue by paying the hosting charges.

To know more about this go to this following website

Got Tata Wimax Connection

On September I vacated my room from Arumbakkam, Currently I am staying in Sholinganallur. Arumbakkam is in Chennai and Sholinganallur is outer Chennai. Last two months I was struggling to get internet connection in my new room. Unfortunately there is no feasibility from the leading broadband providers such as Airtel, BSNl etc. So I finally choose wimax connection from Tata Indicom.

I applied net connection on 23rd Nov 2011; its amount is bit more compared to broadband. Believe Tata will provide good service and if they do so, I will continue with them, else in my same blog I will write their service and comments about their service.

And finally I hope, I will get work from Mike (Brother), yes I call him as brother. He is client to me and good person too, but I will call him as brother.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Insurance Quotes

Nowadays getting Insurance quotes online is very easy, but getting good advice and the idea to invest your money is less. Here in Kdinsurance Company you can get insurance quotes within few minutes and also you can get payday loans advice.
If you want money to invest for your intraday business, payday loans is opt one. They are offering less interest rate and they care more about your money. Better invest in insurance and protect you from more and more taxes.
Come to us with your list, for example your annual salary and other income, we are ready to guide you and give list of insurance that suits for you.
Compare with others you will feel safe and secured with us. Give us a chance and feel it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Botanical Slimming

Are you the person who cares more about your health and Want to keep your body slim?
Are you looking for good products to lose your weight?
Are you looking for natural products to lose weight?
If you answered yes, here you go for the answer.
Botanical Slimming best products to lose your weight quickly. Here we are not doing any magic to loss your weight, all you have to do is follow the instruction given in this products and you can reach us at any time to clarify your doubts.
We are award winning company and have lots of positive feedbacks from our customers.
Products are available in low cost, for trail purpose you can take trail slimming sample and you will get good result over a short period of time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you paying extra money for number transfer?

Are you getting any surprise bills from your network providers?

Are you looking to change your mobile network?

 If yes is the answer for any one of above question. Please go ahead.

Net10 provide all the facilities to Real NET10 customer with low cost compare to others in this industry.

It has two type of plan

 1) Easy Minute Plus

 2) Monthly Plans

Easy Minute Plus:

Under Easy minute plus, buy bundle of minutes for low cost. For example pay just $15 for 200 minutes call and $30 for 500 minutes call. You can buy bundles in the range of 50, 100 or 150 minutes at any time.

Monthly Plans

There are two types of plans under Monthly plans


  • 750 Minutes plan
  •  Pay only $25 to get 750 minutes for every month. You can cancel this option at any time without cancelation fees.

     Unlimited Minutes Plan

     For Unlimited Minutes plan you need to pay $50 per month. Likewise for this plan you can cancel at anytime. No cancelation fees for this plan also.

     More attractive plans available with this network provider with reasonable cost, Get mobile in the range of $15 to $60. Basic model mobile cost lows with this provider and if you need touch screen facility and all pay somewhat more. And finally international call cost is very low it’s about 15 cents per minute.

    Why you are waiting for place your order now with Cute NET10 commercial and track the same with our secured network.


    What the real time customers says about Net10, please check the below video...

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    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Auto Transportation within 24hours

                 Auto Transport is the only business at United Nationwide. They are serving with good experts. Their process is very smooth and they charge low compare to other providers in this industry.
    In United Nationwide Auto Transportation is carried over by experts, you no need to pay any money until your vehicle assigned to carrier.
                For repeated customers they are giving some special discounts. They provide complete door to door delivery, insurance for your vehicle during transportation. Mainly they treat all customers equally.
                They ship all vehicles types; it may be of running or non-running, luxury or classic vehicles. For free quote log on to Auto Shipping and enter your details they will get back to you shortly.

    Best Electronic Cigarettes in USA

    Many of them have Smoking habits, but few Smokers have never heard of electronic cigarettes. Among few only very few of them have seen the Electronic Cigarettes. Most of the Smokers are addict to Smoke habits and they are not able to come out of this habit. If they come out of Smoking habits they can save their health, money and few other things.
    Electric Cigarettes costs low compare to the money which you spend towards buying Cigarettes. Those Cigarettes leads to disease and it may contain some dirty substances. So that you are supposed to smoke that dirty things.
    Want to get rid off the odour Cigarettes smell then Electronic Cigarette should be your best choice. No need to use chewing gum or other things for getting good smell from your mouth.

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Best Skin Care products

    Don’t run behind brand names and Don’t Live up to labels, chemicals which used in their Skin Care products may harm your skin and some persons may feel allergy.
    Why you want to use other skin care products when Organic Skin Care is available. Here they offer the best and separate products for women’s and men’s. Also their products are mainly for face and every part of your body.
                After using their Natural Skin Care you will feel fresh and look younger. They give free tips for all genders and cost of the products is low and percentage of satisfied users is very high.
                They also offer bath and body products which include body wash, massaging oils, anti ageing creams and their products also suits for different kind of skin moisture skin, oily skins etc.

    Friday, August 26, 2011


    This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.


    Are you having this question in your mind?

    1)      Why I get charged or getting surprise bills, even though I am not using any extra facility?

    2)      Why I need to pay fee or penalty, for switching my plan according to my needs?

    3)      Why I need to pay more than 50$ per month for less facility offered by my network provider?

    4)      Why I need to pay more money for International call?

    5)      And finally why I am suffering without any network coverage?


    Simple answer is your worry comes to an end.

    I believe still you have question in your mind, but this time not why its how.

    Yes, Cute NET10 commercial solves your entire problem.

    You will get nationwide network coverage, for unlimited talk, text and web pay just 50$/month. Those who want to use for talk just pay 15$/month for 200 minutes.

    No need to worry about device, Net10 support only trusted manufacturers such as LG, Motorola and Samsung etc… etc…

    International call just about 15 cents per min and it has service over 75 countries.

    No need to pay more amount for phone selection, pay less than 15$ for basic model mobiles, 40$ for phones which have facilities such as camera, Bluetooth, Web and pay under 60$ for higher model phones.

    Believe you, guys got clear idea about Net10. Click the following link for Real NET10 customer feedback.

    Check out the video for customer testimonials.

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    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Sehwag flying to England

    Indians got disappointed by seeing the poor performance by India against England in the 2nd innings at Trent Bridge. There is a chance to step down to number 2 position from number 1 in test match. England players are more hungry to get wickets as well they are batting like anything. Even England players at 9th wicket batting well and they are taking their in their shoulder.

    Main thing missing in Indian team side is dangerous opening. Opening batsman is not quiet good, they are scoring very less runs and the batting order also gets changed. Rahul Dravid took more responsibility and scored two century in both test match but there is no good partnership in Indian team side.

    All veteran Crickers told India missing their key player like Shewag and they keep on insisted the same. Indian board changed their mind and called Sehwag for 3rd test match against England. Gambhir also recovering well from arm injury. Zaheer is not fit for rest of the match and the spinner Harbhajan is not going to play for 3rd test match due to stomach strain. Though he not scored well by bat as well not good in bowl as well in this test series.

    Will India survive for the rest of the match???
    Will they give counter attack to England???
    Whether Sachin score his 100th ton in 3rd test match??

    Still lot more question raising from my mind and hope the same raise from the Indian fan as well....
    Lets hope the best....

    Monday, August 1, 2011

    Ian bell run out controversy

    Trent Bridge, India vs England 2nd Test match, this controverisal run out happened. During 2nd innings last ball before tea time Ian bell strike the ball and the ball reach near boundary. Praveen kumar fielded well and throwed the ball to Mukund.
                         Meanwhile Ian bell took 3runs and started to get his 4th run. While watching the replay you can clearly come to know he started for 4th run and he made some assumption, the ball reached the boundary and without noticing anything he started to walk towards pavilion for tea break.
                      Mukund picked the bile's off and claimed for run out. Technically the run out claimed by Indian team is right and there is any doubt Ian bell got run out. After seeing the run out given by third umpire, Ian bell get shocked and walked to rest room.
                      During tea time, England coach Andy Flower and Captain Strauss walked to the Indian dressing room to get back their decision, but Indian players decided and they planned to call Ian bell for batting.
                      After tea time Umpire start to walk towards the ground as well Indian player start to walk...Without knowing anything audience start to produce ooze sound. As soon as Ian bell comes to the ground the ooze sound turns into cheers sound and they congratulated both Indian team as well veteran batsman Ian Bell.
                     Though Indians lost their match with English mans, but this controversial run out kept this match in history and it brings proud to Indian players especially to Indian captain.
                     This is called Spirit of Game. Winning or losing the game is not matter, its about the spirit.
                     Congrats guys and all the best to rest of the game.

    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Dada confident on Master Blaster

            The Legend Sourav Ganguly well known as Dada has confident on Little Master Sachin Tendulkar. He early reports to media told that Sachin is a Destiny Child. He will break all the records. Dada pretty much sure and confidently says that Sachin will hit his first ton in Lords ground. If he hits the first ton in Lords its going to be 100th ton in his career.
           Left hand legend scored his debut test hundred in Lords ground and of course he is the highest debut individual scorer in that ground 131.
    After won the one day series against England("Natwest Series") Ganguly waved his t-shirt in that ground only.
          Count down starts and match going to start, Lets hope our little master will hit his ton.

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Slim9 Weight Loss Pills LT

    I think the most difficult thing in everyone’s life is maintaining slim body and good health. Sometimes we are supposed to concentrate much on our day-to-day work and not able to maintain our body. Apart from this excessive taking of oil items, snacks and much more things lead to mirror breaking body shape.
    Some of them want to burn their excessive fat overnight, but they won’t do any steps to control it. It’s highly impossible to control body weight and make your body as slim and perfect shape unless otherwise you spend your time to take care of it.
    It’s also possible to maintain slim body either by doing exercise or by taking supplements or by pills. But keep in mind don’t take unnecessary pills, you should take doctor recommended weight loss pills otherwise it will leads to side effect. In the given link you have all important details about the pills and much more important information. There you can also check the satisfied customer feedback and other recommended products to your health.

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Need To Know How To Get A Personal Loan With A Bad Credit History

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    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    An Instant Approval Quick Loan

    Is getting personal loan or unsecured loan is easy and how many days it will take to get approved? It’s the million dollar question arise in all of those minds who are going to apply personal loan.
    Answer is simple, very simple your loan will get approved within a day and your loan amount will get credited to your account within a day. This type of loan is called as payday loan. Yap payday loan alias quick loan.
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    It results in getting this name very easily for you, bad creditor. So keep get information from this provider and enjoy your life.Its also possible to earn money by introducing other person to this loan provider, its called as affiliate program. Join this program and earn money.

    The Perfect Quick Loan Company

    Want to know which company or provider is best for quick loan service. Simple click the link which I have given in the above line you will get the answer.Here this service provider have more than 5000 loan lenders and most of the submitted application is got approved and the loan amount is get sanctioned without any collateral. 
    From this you can come to know this service provider is best of best. There is no collateral required unless otherwise it’s asked by the lender, no hidden charge, interest rate is also low. So this company is good in quick loans service. 
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    A 99% Guaranteed Approved Quick Loan

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    The Fax Free Quick Loan

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    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    Debt Consolidation

    Mortgage loan, so far we have seen unsecured loans and bad credit loans, but this time something new to all US readers. Yes it is its Mortgage loan especially for those who have home.
    If the borrower needs money and want to show their home as a collateral, Its possible you can avail loan for any purpose such as home repairs, medical expense and much more including college education. Keep in mind that if you failed to repay the loan amount you will lose your home for not paying the repayment.
    Anyone can avail the mortgage loan even they have bad credit history what I mean is even they can avail loan when they have credit card debit.You can also avail loan even your loan score is less than the preferred point.
    Here they have mentioned the difference between debt consolidation and
    debit settlement. In their website they have mentioned the charge for debit consolidation. All those things given for new users who are going to avail this loan.
    For best mortgage loan visit and  can get the details of mortgage loan and how to get details about the company. If you decided to switch over to other providers keep it mind the list of things they have mentioned in their website and proceed your next step.
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    Friday, June 3, 2011

    Golf Shop in Germany

    Are you a Golf player and are you located in Germany. If yes is your answers please go ahead? You have reached a correct place.
    In this post you will get all details for golf including kits, golfresort etc.,Not only kits you will get information about golkurse award winner and much more.
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    In their website you can see custom fitting, there you can get more and more information. Yes exactly that’s you actually want it. Apart from this you will get golf news.
    In golf news you can see golf professional, yes all professionals in one category. Its another treasure for people who want to know their stars.Also in you will get much more expected news.
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    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    US Payday Loans Site (Apr2011)

    Hello blog readers, I am meeting you again with another payday loans, but this time it’s from US.
    Unfortunately payday loan is not for available other continents such as Asia, Africa etc..
    So readers from these continents won’t get profit, but its good information to all of you I believe.

    Okay, let me explain the benefit of the US payday loan.

    Start from the website review,

    US payday loan website looks like candy and easy to follow the steps compare to UK payday loan site.
    Okay no more comparison.

    Steps for the Payday Loans,Cash Advances and Cash Loans are very similar and easy to follow

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    Of course who will offer 1000$ without asking any details, at least our friend will ask what the reason behind borrowing the money. How the third person will give without any information. So who ever want money they have to give their all necessary information.

    And what is the next step, you get paid….That’s it…
    No more waiting and no more worry….
    It’s the payday loan secret mantra……

    Enjoy….Hope I will get another offer from this advertiser….
    If so I will tell the features and much more things….
    Waiting with finger crossed…

    Friday, April 22, 2011

    Motorcycle Lawyer - Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    This post is main for bikers and who care about personnel care and want to stay away from unnecessary problem likes accidents. Our Attorneys take care of all type of motorcycle cases and they are giving necessary information to the motorist.
    I do not know the attorney whether he faced any problem with traffic police or he allegedly get prosecuted for motorcycle cases. Ha ha just bluffing. They want to help motorist. Don’t know the reason behind it. Crew members are highly energetic, yeah really. Let me tell you how, they are working 24 hours a day and seven days in a week. It means there is no disco, no pub, no for everything. I do not know how they are maintaining their whole days with work, but appreciate them.
    All type of cases including spinal, back and neck injury they are taking care. And all type of accidents also they are taking care. You can contact them through their mobile numbers or drop few comment in their comment column. They will get back to you.
    Instead of telling all the features, its better you can check the same in their home page itself. Click this Florida motorcycle accident lawyer. you will come to know about all the details are legit not scam.

    Key West Lawyer

    I got the first case from Lawyer to review their sites. oh its pleasure to review Lawyer, I mean their sites.
    Let starts review from their website design. The overlay of their site is good and they have placed all necessary information for their different type of clients.
    One thing I liked very much, they are giving free consultation. Nothing is free in this world, but law awareness in the society is very important. They are giving to their society hats off to them.
    In firm profile you can get the partners info ie the lawyer details. They are dealing all kind of cases, If you have any doubts regarding your case you can check it in Practise areas. For those up to date freaks they are writing blog, you can get more details from their blog. You can get in touch with attorneys by sending mail to them, but this is especially meant to media persons. In case if you need any urgent details you can contact them from Monday to Friday in their working hours. Last but not least you can contact through phone if you need any urgent help, don’t disturb them unnecessarily. Ha ha on behalf of attorneys I’m saying this message. For more and more details click key west lawyer link.

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Sell Silver Coins

    Wanna sell silver coins through Online, but you have no idea or you do not find any trust worthy persons in online. Don’t worry your life become easy.Visit Sell Silver Coins and blindly follow the instruction has given by the dealer.
    Step 1. Fill the form
    Step 2. weigh your silver coins 
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    Some person can think, how can I believe them. There is a possibility to get you cheat. 
    I appreciate your silly question. Don’t worry the site is authorized and trustworthy.
    They will made  payment instantly and it's highly secure.  
    Price chart also available for silver and gold coins. You have toll free customer service for nation wide and mail service.

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    UK Payday Loans Site (Apr2011)

    Are you running out of money, whether you want money in a day without any paper work? If your answer is yes for the above mentioned questions, you are in right place to know the loan process. Unfortunately it's applicable for the UK based citizens, but the readers from the other country also welcome.
    Generally in UK getting loans between £100 and £1000 is difficult, but Payday Loans makes it simple. Main criteria to get above mentioned money is you should live in UK and you must posses a job. Job may be of full time or part time. 
    One best practice in payday loans are go green policy. Let me tell you how it is? There is no paper work involved for loans and no fax work also. Then tell me its eco-friendly or not.  
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    We understood your needs; most of them come for loan for their urgency. For those persons you have a Payday Advance.

    Thursday, March 31, 2011

    Patio Dining Sets

    Are you looking for patio furniture’s?
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               The online payment facility in this website is secure and they are giving customer support from nine am to five pm in CST

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Google Approved Adsense

    On 08-03-2011 I posted a topic named google-killing-me, I don't know whether google read my post or read my questions in the Adsense forum. They approved Adsense for my blog.
    I was very happy while seeing the approval mail from google and so delighted.
    Placed Ads in my blog and waiting for user to click my ads.
    So only I can earn money.
    Ha Ha Ha.

    Can anybody tell me when the payment get released from google and how much you are earning through Adsense per month.It will be helpful to me as well the reader who passing this blog.

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Bye Bye Bangla

    Bangladesh vs. South Africa very hectic match in Group B.
    Most of the English players are watching this crucial match because if Bangladesh wins the match against South Africa England has to move away from this 2011 world cup.
    Thank god it not happened and there is no such easy match for Group A guys.
    Today match is crucial because of the worst performance by England players against Bangladesh Team. Bangladesh tried their level best and made England under pressure.

    South Africa won the toss and they decided to bat first. They showed their stunning performance and they scored 284-8.
    Bangladesh under pressure and they need to score 285 in 300 balls. Bangladesh played their 1st three over’s without any loss. They loss their 1st wicket Tamim Iqbal in the fourth over and Tsotsobe picked his 1st wicket of this match.

    Bangladesh players liked to play in their dressing room, they went to pavilion as soon as they reached their crease. Bangladesh innings comes to an end their 28th over. Peterson claimed last wicked of this match and South Africa leads in the point table in Group B category.

    Bangladesh Team thanks for your participation in this 2011 world cup and thanks for the good entertainment.

    Catch the bus and go safely to home.
    Bye Bye.

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Do or Die

    England as well as for West Indies today matches going to be a Do or Die match. Both teams have to play well for their presence in 2011 world cup. If West Indies win the world cup it will be a easy entry for quarter final.

    Both teams have strong batting and bowling line up. Pollard is the key men in West Indies side, for the last couple of match Sulieman Benn performs well.

    Captain Strauss, Trautt, Bell and Ravi Bhopara make England team as strong batting line but they are lagging in bowling side. England left 1351 runs for last 5 matches and they are in the second place who left more runs in this world cup so far and first place goes to Canada they left1370 runs.

    At the time of posting England loses their 6 wickets for 171 runs in 36 overs.
    Waiting for result with finger crossed.

    Umpire De Silva Eliminated from crucial matches

    Srilankan Veteran Asoka de Silva has been moved to the fourth Umpire for Ireland vs Netherland and on-field umpire for the Zimbabwe vs Kenya.

    In 2011 world cup new process introduced the bowling team or batting team can claim the umpire decision. The success rate of Asoka De Silva is less than 50%.So the authorities decided to move Asoka de Silva to fourth umpire and he is no more allowed to stand as an on-field umpire for crucial world cup matches.

    One of the poor judgments given by Asoka de Silva was Gary Wilson LBW against West Indies. It paid easy victory for the West Indians.

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Entertainment Movie

                 I and one of my friend planned to go a film.Both of them don't have sufficient money, we had around 150 rupees, 80 rupees for cinema ticket and 70 rupees for other expenses. Actually the film time was around 10:00 am, but we reached there by 10:30 am. Ticket counter was closed.
    Sorry guys you are travelling along with me without knowing the film name, the film name is Sura. Don’t get angry we both want entertainment so went to that film. We thought we will not get seat for the film but ilaiya thalapathi rocks over there.
     There was nearly 15 members along with operator.Thalapathi rocked in that film as we expected and we started to laugh in the introduction song itself. We thought to see the full film unfortunately we not able to see the film more than 30 mins. Ya I can hear your voice 30 mins is more for that guy. We left the theatre very sadly and said together no more vijay films.

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    O'Brien Bat Lost and found

    Can you imagine?
    Six bats of Neil O’Brien have been stolen by someone.
    O’Brien lodged a complaint in Cubbon Park police station.

    In complaints he stated that the cost of the six bats was around 2500 pound which means in Indian Rupees it’s nearly about 1 lacs 45 thousands, but the police official said the bat was not stolen by others it may missed during transportation.

    On 10th Mar 2011 Barry Chambers Ireland's media manager said missed bat was found and it will reach the batsman ASAP.

    Luckily the lost bats was found.
    Thank god Indians as well as BCCI name remains safe.

    Poor Perfomance by Indians

    On 12th March 2011 South Africa won the match against India in 2011 World Cup match.
    Its really great disappointment, Sachin and Sehwag Started well they talked to South African bowlers with their bat. Sehwag scored half century and remains the leading scorer in 2011 world cup match. After Sehwag was dismissed Gambhir and Sachin pair rocked the match. Sachin scored his 48th One day century and he got dismissed when India was 267.

    Indians fans expect India will score more than 350 runs, but dreams come to an end. All the players scored very low runs they failed to score even 300 runs in that one day match.

    Mr.Dhoni failed to shine in that match. He rotated his strike to bowlers and bowlers easily got dismissal by South African players. Dale Steyn took 5 wickets and he controlled the Indian runs less than 300.

    Indian Players not only failed in Batting they also failed in Fielding performance. Anyhow India managed South Africans upto 49th over. Ashish Nehra bowled last over of the match. Actually don’t know what’s gone on in pieterson mind he spoke through his bat to Nehra and showed the victory path to South Africans.

    Best match turns to worst….

    Friday, March 11, 2011

    Do you think India is a poor country????

    We know the answer is big Nooooooo
    We are top in human resources and India is a good place for Investment, but why other country seeing as a third world country.
    Most of them are saying because of the ugly politicians our growth rate reduced.

    I can list out few points
    1) Politicians are not good
    2) Not following rules
    3) Blaming each other
    4) Ready to pay more money to complete our work easily.

    First place goes to none other than our great politicians. They are good for nothing.
    They conduct rally for purpose less matters they won’t open their mouth for valuable things.
    Example: kasab must be hanged but what we are doing we are giving good meals + security.
    He never enjoyed this before in his life time. Whether politicians opened their mouth for this issue. No. Instead of that we are paying our money to save kasab.

    Okay so many things there to point out ugly politics in India.

    Let me come to public are we good citizens?
    I never say I’m good but not bad. Because of human resource in India most of the investors concentrate our country. Without us nothing is possible.
    We are not considering our country and we lead our country to bad path by not paying our tax, leaving our rights for money (By selling our vote for money) much more.

    Its all lead our country to poor country.

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Google killing me

    Applied adsense for this blog, but it got rejected for more than 5 times.I posted my query in adsense forum there is no reply for that and my thumb goes down for google adsense.

    The error was pointed out by google is excessive keywords used in your blog and the website falls under cybersquatting.
    You can check the page source there is only one keyword which I am using in my blog.
    Don't know why its saying like this.

    Today I searched about the mistake which was pointed out by google. Deleted the copyrights images in my blog. Currently there is no image in my blog and again I submitted my blog for adsense approval. Waiting for google reply with finger crossed.

    Monday, March 7, 2011

    Why Networking field has less opportunity

    I don't know Why Networking field has less opportunity.

    One of my friend very good in networking and his aim is to work in networking field, but he not get job in that domain. He quits his software engineer job and started to search for networking job in India. The answer he got is big Nooooooo. I won’t say there are no openings for network field in India, but I can say the number of openings for network field is pretty less compared to the following languages such as java, c, c++, Database (SQL, PLSQL)

    God Damn he is very good in above mentioned languages but his interest is to work as network engineer and want to become Certified Ethical Hacker. Days rolled out no job so he again changed his mind and currently he is looking for programmer job.

    I believe that guy will rock in any domain. He has stuff and dedicated towards his job.

    My dear friend definitely you will achieve your dream life.

    All the best my friend and advance wishes tooooooooo....

    Saturday, March 5, 2011

    Still good hearted persons living in chennai

    I don't know about this world and so far I never went outside India so nothing is there to comment. Today I met one great man for some personal reason. He asked me to wait for some time frankly speaking I felt sad at that time after few minutes he said sorry for the mistake he done. You already know I'm good heart person so I accepted his apologizes. No no bad words.

    Actually I met him for my favor. We started to talk for more than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes he started to say the ups and down's of his life. Mostly the story traveled only in down's.. It's really long story to narrate here so I skipped. He told his future plan his aim is to build orphanage in 15 acres with his own money and he don't want to ask money to anyone. He is looking for more than 40 to 50 crore to achieve the success.

    Really he spent his more pocket money for education purpose to needy children.
    Nothing he expect and his motto only to serve poor children.

    Hidden personality serving for poor and needy people.
    Hats off to great man........

    Friday, March 4, 2011

    SocialCast 2/28/11

    Are you running a company? Whether you feel your employees are lagging in communication and your productivity slows down every day due to this problem. Don’t worry your problem comes to an end. Yes social-cast is your savior. This product has more and more features I am going to list out some of the features.
    Here you go….. When you are in off site also you can build positive environment just by posting your message in this network even you can share your presentations, photos etc. You can get social-cast messages directly to your outlook mailbox. You forget to carry your laptop, but you want to get in touch with your employees. Don’t worry application available for IPhone, Blackberry and android. Even you have the facility to send attachment through mobile phone.

    I believe you want to give one try to this application don’t feel about the cost and who likes to pay money unnecessarily just give one try with the free version. Surely you will like it then switch over to Enterprise or small business plan. It’s up to you to choose your plan. The Basic feature covers all the important features but there must be some pros and cons. To avoid those issues move to premium service. This productivity software comes with private messaging, analytic tool and much more.

    Social-cast provides tutorial for beginners by providing materials and conducting classes through web cast and videos.It comes with ssl even James bond can’t break the information in this website .It’s highly secured and it provides 24x7 support through out the year.

    Why you are waiting just click enterprise social network solutions and explore the features.

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    Thanks to recession.

    During recession I was supposed to move to Kerala for project purpose, but really I don't like to go over there. My Company gave two options for me
    Option a--take a kerala offer and work there at-least for one year.
    Option b--Forced to quit job.
    Who will like to accept the second option. As a normal man I want money to survive in this society. So I chose first option. First time after 23 years I felt like ill-literate because I don't know malayalam. I don't like to step out from my room. When I step out I must depend on others. It's very hard to understand what they are speaking.
    Some good hearted person really helped me to survive in the jungle. They thought some basic words after I got some energy. I tried to speak their local language, but I still depend on others to ask about that which bus is going to which place and what's the name mentioned in the bus board. Badly I need others help to travel outside.
    I found a book in book stall. That book really played major role in those periods I started to learn malayalam with the help of that book. Even I tried to read that local language. At last I learned to read the local language still I don't have faith on me. Whether am I reading is right or wrong. So I asked the room boy who works in that lodge.
    While reading he started to laugh because I read like a child. Unfortunately I read correctly. That boy corrected some mistakes also he taught me to read some difficult words. At-last I got proficient in that language. I started to read the bus boards without others help. I am proud of myself I am not illiterate and I am no more illiterate.
    I spend nearly 10 months over there and I started to like their culture, but my project work got completed and the market also started to recover. So I came back to chennai with hard heart. Thanks to recession because of this only I went to that kerala state and I got chance to know their culture and also got chance to learn their language.

    Friday, February 4, 2011


    The first atmosphere formed when the earth had just formed.Before 4.4 billion years ago the second
    Second Atomosphere was formed.By that time the earth had cooled down to form crust and volcanoes.

    After 3.3 billion years ago,the third atmosphere was formed.we are currently living in this atomosphere.

    Dont ask me when the 4th atmosphere will form.
    Only god knows about that.
    If i come to know the answer from god surely i will post it in this blog.
    Just kidding...
    Okay lets crack the earth's third atmosphere.
    There are five layers in the earth's atmosphere.The layer are as follows

    Troposphere is the lowest layer of earth's atmosphere.This layer is most dense and contains water vapour.
    It starts from the earth atmosphere and extend upto 15km.The temp in this layer ranges from 17 to 52 degrees celsius.Tropopause is the region between the troposphere and the stratosphere.

    This layer is less dense compared to the Troposphere.It starts just above the troposphere and extends upto 50km.Mostly 99% of air located in Troposphere and stratosphere layer.Ozone layer present in this layer.It contains o3 molecules.The stratopause separates the stratosphere from the next layer.

    It starts above the stratosphere and extends upto 85km.In this region the temp fall as low as -95 degree celcius.The mesopause separates the mesophere from the thermosphere

    This layer starts from mesopause and extends upto 600kms.Due to sun energy the temp increases as you go up.The temp in this region is about 1,727 degrees Celsius.Chemical reaction occur faster in this region.This layer is called upper atmosphere.The boundary between this layer and the Exosphere is called the Thermopause.

    This layer starts from Thermopause and extends upto 10,000kms.The Exosphere is the final layer of the Earth's atmosphere.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Reusable Space Shuttle

                You may came across many sites explains about the reusable space shuttle but here you can feel the difference. I tried my level best to collect more information about reusable space shuttle.Don't wait here you go for the information about the reusable space shuttle.
                 As we all know the first reusable space shuttle was launched in 1981 by the Space giants US.In Spacecraft history it can carry large satellites to and from orbit.The shuttle launches like rocket and lands like an airplane.Discovery,Atlantis and Endeavour are the space shuttles now in operation.
    Space Shuttle                   Delivered Year 
    Columbia                           March 1979
    Discovery                          November 1983
    Atlantis                              April 1985 
    Endeavour                        May 1991

                 It is the sole controller of the space craft.In short we can say it is the brain as well as the heart of the Space Shuttle.It contains the latest advances in flight control, thermal protection, and liquid-rocket propulsion and it also composed of pressurised crew compartment, the huge cargo bay and the three main engines.
    The crew cabin has three levels: 
    1)The flight deck--where the commander and pilot control the craft
    2)The mid-deck--the galley, toilet, sleep stations, and storage and experiment lockers where found
    3)The utility area--for air and water tanks.
    External Tank:
                            Its  length of 47 m (154 ft) and a diameter of 8.4 m(27.5 ft).External Tank are made from aluminum alloys, During the first 8.5 minutes space shuttle consumes the fuel of about 1.99 million litres (526,000 gal) .
                            The space shuttle's external fuel tank is the only part of the launch vehicle that currently is not reused. 
    Solid Rocket Booster(SRB):
                             There are two SRB's are used in the space shuttle.It provide most power for first 2.5 min of flight.The SRBs take the space shuttle to an altitude of 45 km (28 mi) and a speed of 4973 km/hr (3094 mph) before they separate from Space Shuttle.
                               Normally mission has been planned from 5 to 16 days in duration.But STS 80 stayed in orbit for 17.5 days on a single mission.The smallest crew ever to fly of 2 members and the largest crew member of 8 members.
    Image Courtesy : NASA