Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Chances of Alien Life

After a very long time i am meeting all my friends through this post.While surfing the net i came to know the sensational news as well as very hot news.So i thought to write the blog after a long long time.Here you go for the hottest news.A leading US Astronomer Mr.Howard Smith revealed the truth that there is no hope of finding alien life in space because all other planets discovered so far is hostile to human life.

Mr.Howard Smith is a senior astrophysicist at Harvard University.He strongly believes humans are alone in the universe."We have found that most other planets and solar systems are wildly different from our own," he says. "They are very hostile to life as we know it."

Next few weeks NASA's Kepler satellite telescope is expected to confirm the existence of hundreds of newly discovered planets.Other scientists remained confident and they are not ready to lose their hopes.But Smith insists extrasolar planets are too different from our own and even if they did support life it would be impossible for us to contact it.

He also said the newly discovered planets are 1,250 light years out from our planet communicating would still take decades or centuries.

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