Friday, February 4, 2011


The first atmosphere formed when the earth had just formed.Before 4.4 billion years ago the second
Second Atomosphere was formed.By that time the earth had cooled down to form crust and volcanoes.

After 3.3 billion years ago,the third atmosphere was formed.we are currently living in this atomosphere.

Dont ask me when the 4th atmosphere will form.
Only god knows about that.
If i come to know the answer from god surely i will post it in this blog.
Just kidding...
Okay lets crack the earth's third atmosphere.
There are five layers in the earth's atmosphere.The layer are as follows

Troposphere is the lowest layer of earth's atmosphere.This layer is most dense and contains water vapour.
It starts from the earth atmosphere and extend upto 15km.The temp in this layer ranges from 17 to 52 degrees celsius.Tropopause is the region between the troposphere and the stratosphere.

This layer is less dense compared to the Troposphere.It starts just above the troposphere and extends upto 50km.Mostly 99% of air located in Troposphere and stratosphere layer.Ozone layer present in this layer.It contains o3 molecules.The stratopause separates the stratosphere from the next layer.

It starts above the stratosphere and extends upto 85km.In this region the temp fall as low as -95 degree celcius.The mesopause separates the mesophere from the thermosphere

This layer starts from mesopause and extends upto 600kms.Due to sun energy the temp increases as you go up.The temp in this region is about 1,727 degrees Celsius.Chemical reaction occur faster in this region.This layer is called upper atmosphere.The boundary between this layer and the Exosphere is called the Thermopause.

This layer starts from Thermopause and extends upto 10,000kms.The Exosphere is the final layer of the Earth's atmosphere.

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