Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kluge Prize Winner 2008

On December 3,2008 the U.S. Library of Congress
announced Romila Thapar and Peter Robert Lamont Brown as
the winner of Kluge Prize for Lifetime Achievement in
the study of Humanity. The two historian will receive
half of the $1 million prize.

On 10th December 2008,Mr. James H.Billington,the Librarian of Congress will award the Kluge prize for the winner.

Dr.Romila Thapar was born in 1931 in India. she
was emeritus History professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru
University in New Delhi. she published more than 15 Books among that "A History of India" and "Early India" were breakthrough works.

Mr.Peter Brown was born in 1935 in
Ireland. Currently he is working as a History professor
in Princeton's University. In 2001 he was awarded
Distinguished Achievement Award for scholars in the
humanities."Augustine of Hippo","The World of Late
Antiquity","The Body and Society" are some of the famous
book of Brown.

About Kluge Prize:

The Kluge Prize recipient may be any nationality
and their works may be in any language.

The main criteria for Kluge Prize is the
lifetime achievement in the study of Humanity. It also
focus on various disciplines not included in Nobel Prize
such as History, Philosophy, politics, Anthropology,
sociology, Religion, criticism in the arts and
Humanities and Linguistics.

Past Kluge Prize winners:

1.Leszek Kolakowski in 2003.
2.Paul Ricoeur and Jaroslav Pelikan in 2004.
3.John Hope Franklin and Yu Ying-shih in 2006.

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