Saturday, December 6, 2008

Veteran tracked lost tool bag

The tool bag lost by space walkers is tracked by
satellite observers and by veteran observer. In Canada,a
veteran satellite observer,Kevin Fetter from Brockville
has spotted and filmed the tool bag using his backyard
observatory. Already last tool bag information is
published in this blog. just click lost in space. Fetter published
the video on you tube. In an email interview, Fetter said his find
had little to do with luck and he had planned to capture the tool
bag on video as it was "something new in orbit".

Fetter used a $900 Celestron Nexstar 102 SLT
telescope fitted with a high-resolution camera, which
was in turn connected via a networking cable to his

NASA said it was the largest item lost in
space. It weight is around 30 pounds (14 kg) and the cost
of the tool bag is about $US100,000.

why cost of the tool bag is $US100,000?

NASA spoke person Mike Curie said these
equipments are not available in local hardware
store. They are specialized hardware and able to work
properly in vacuum and withstand temperature varies from
+200 degrees F (93 C) and -200 degrees F (-128 C).The
lost bag contained two grease guns, a scraper tool, a
large trash bag and a small debris bag.

Nicholas Johnson, chief scientist for orbital
debris at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston
said,"We currently predict that the errant tool bag will
fall back to Earth in June of next year and he expects
the entire tool bag will burn up."