Monday, August 1, 2011

Ian bell run out controversy

Trent Bridge, India vs England 2nd Test match, this controverisal run out happened. During 2nd innings last ball before tea time Ian bell strike the ball and the ball reach near boundary. Praveen kumar fielded well and throwed the ball to Mukund.
                     Meanwhile Ian bell took 3runs and started to get his 4th run. While watching the replay you can clearly come to know he started for 4th run and he made some assumption, the ball reached the boundary and without noticing anything he started to walk towards pavilion for tea break.
                  Mukund picked the bile's off and claimed for run out. Technically the run out claimed by Indian team is right and there is any doubt Ian bell got run out. After seeing the run out given by third umpire, Ian bell get shocked and walked to rest room.
                  During tea time, England coach Andy Flower and Captain Strauss walked to the Indian dressing room to get back their decision, but Indian players decided and they planned to call Ian bell for batting.
                  After tea time Umpire start to walk towards the ground as well Indian player start to walk...Without knowing anything audience start to produce ooze sound. As soon as Ian bell comes to the ground the ooze sound turns into cheers sound and they congratulated both Indian team as well veteran batsman Ian Bell.
                 Though Indians lost their match with English mans, but this controversial run out kept this match in history and it brings proud to Indian players especially to Indian captain.
                 This is called Spirit of Game. Winning or losing the game is not matter, its about the spirit.
                 Congrats guys and all the best to rest of the game.

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