Friday, August 26, 2011


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Are you having this question in your mind?

1)      Why I get charged or getting surprise bills, even though I am not using any extra facility?

2)      Why I need to pay fee or penalty, for switching my plan according to my needs?

3)      Why I need to pay more than 50$ per month for less facility offered by my network provider?

4)      Why I need to pay more money for International call?

5)      And finally why I am suffering without any network coverage?


Simple answer is your worry comes to an end.

I believe still you have question in your mind, but this time not why its how.

Yes, Cute NET10 commercial solves your entire problem.

You will get nationwide network coverage, for unlimited talk, text and web pay just 50$/month. Those who want to use for talk just pay 15$/month for 200 minutes.

No need to worry about device, Net10 support only trusted manufacturers such as LG, Motorola and Samsung etc… etc…

International call just about 15 cents per min and it has service over 75 countries.

No need to pay more amount for phone selection, pay less than 15$ for basic model mobiles, 40$ for phones which have facilities such as camera, Bluetooth, Web and pay under 60$ for higher model phones.

Believe you, guys got clear idea about Net10. Click the following link for Real NET10 customer feedback.

Check out the video for customer testimonials.

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