Friday, March 4, 2011

SocialCast 2/28/11

Are you running a company? Whether you feel your employees are lagging in communication and your productivity slows down every day due to this problem. Don’t worry your problem comes to an end. Yes social-cast is your savior. This product has more and more features I am going to list out some of the features.
Here you go….. When you are in off site also you can build positive environment just by posting your message in this network even you can share your presentations, photos etc. You can get social-cast messages directly to your outlook mailbox. You forget to carry your laptop, but you want to get in touch with your employees. Don’t worry application available for IPhone, Blackberry and android. Even you have the facility to send attachment through mobile phone.

I believe you want to give one try to this application don’t feel about the cost and who likes to pay money unnecessarily just give one try with the free version. Surely you will like it then switch over to Enterprise or small business plan. It’s up to you to choose your plan. The Basic feature covers all the important features but there must be some pros and cons. To avoid those issues move to premium service. This productivity software comes with private messaging, analytic tool and much more.

Social-cast provides tutorial for beginners by providing materials and conducting classes through web cast and videos.It comes with ssl even James bond can’t break the information in this website .It’s highly secured and it provides 24x7 support through out the year.

Why you are waiting just click enterprise social network solutions and explore the features.

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