Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you think India is a poor country????

We know the answer is big Nooooooo
We are top in human resources and India is a good place for Investment, but why other country seeing as a third world country.
Most of them are saying because of the ugly politicians our growth rate reduced.

I can list out few points
1) Politicians are not good
2) Not following rules
3) Blaming each other
4) Ready to pay more money to complete our work easily.

First place goes to none other than our great politicians. They are good for nothing.
They conduct rally for purpose less matters they won’t open their mouth for valuable things.
Example: kasab must be hanged but what we are doing we are giving good meals + security.
He never enjoyed this before in his life time. Whether politicians opened their mouth for this issue. No. Instead of that we are paying our money to save kasab.

Okay so many things there to point out ugly politics in India.

Let me come to public are we good citizens?
I never say I’m good but not bad. Because of human resource in India most of the investors concentrate our country. Without us nothing is possible.
We are not considering our country and we lead our country to bad path by not paying our tax, leaving our rights for money (By selling our vote for money) much more.

Its all lead our country to poor country.


bbtoo said...

Well, I don't think so India is a poor country. India is one of my favorite to visit someday.

sriram said...

Thanks for hope.
Really is not a poor country.
Frankly speaking we(Indians) are making it to poor country.
All Indians have responsibilities in it.