Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do or Die

England as well as for West Indies today matches going to be a Do or Die match. Both teams have to play well for their presence in 2011 world cup. If West Indies win the world cup it will be a easy entry for quarter final.

Both teams have strong batting and bowling line up. Pollard is the key men in West Indies side, for the last couple of match Sulieman Benn performs well.

Captain Strauss, Trautt, Bell and Ravi Bhopara make England team as strong batting line but they are lagging in bowling side. England left 1351 runs for last 5 matches and they are in the second place who left more runs in this world cup so far and first place goes to Canada they left1370 runs.

At the time of posting England loses their 6 wickets for 171 runs in 36 overs.
Waiting for result with finger crossed.

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