Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Networking field has less opportunity

I don't know Why Networking field has less opportunity.

One of my friend very good in networking and his aim is to work in networking field, but he not get job in that domain. He quits his software engineer job and started to search for networking job in India. The answer he got is big Nooooooo. I won’t say there are no openings for network field in India, but I can say the number of openings for network field is pretty less compared to the following languages such as java, c, c++, Database (SQL, PLSQL)

God Damn he is very good in above mentioned languages but his interest is to work as network engineer and want to become Certified Ethical Hacker. Days rolled out no job so he again changed his mind and currently he is looking for programmer job.

I believe that guy will rock in any domain. He has stuff and dedicated towards his job.

My dear friend definitely you will achieve your dream life.

All the best my friend and advance wishes tooooooooo....

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